Digital Built Environment

Tools, Projects, and Future Directions in Practice, Research, and Education

20.09.2023, Zagreb HR

Digital Built Environment: Tools, Projects, and Future Directions in Practice, Research, and Education

Location: On-Site: Zagreb Architects Association, Trg bana Josipa Jelačića, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia.


Event Schedule: 11-13h. Morning Session: Practice and Research, 14-17h. Afternoon session: Education

The event will delve into the critical importance of digital tools and solutions in advancing the skills and knowledge of professionals within the built environment. We will explore the following key questions:

  • What digital tools, projects, and applications have been developed and deployed thus far?
  • How do these tools and projects align with different user groups and their needs?
  • Are funding opportunities aligned with the demands and context in which researchers, educators, and architects operate?
  • What insights can be drawn by examining usage across different scales (large, medium, small) and considering open-source and licensing aspects?

Our goal is to foster discussions and insights during the two workshops—one in the morning, dedicated to practice and research, and another in the afternoon, focused on education. By doing so, we aim to identify existing gaps and chart potential paths forward in the digital built environment.


11-13h. Workshop 1. Digitalization in the built environment

  • Frank van der Hoeven – TU Delft, digiNEB coordinator
  • Michela Magaš – Industry Commons, NEB High-level roundtable, digiNEB EAB chair


  • Marko Dabrović (3LHD) – VOLUM3
  • Uwe Kies – Innovawood (online)
  • Roberto Vdović – Adriatic Green Lab

Discussion: Frank van der Hoeven, Michela Magaš (moderators), Roman Šilje (Croatian Architects’ Association), Dubravko Bačić (ACE), Tihomil Matković (Zagreb Architects’ Association) + speakers

13-14h. Lunch

14-17h. Workshop 2. Digitalization and education


  • Mia Roth-Čerina, Roberto Cavallo – EAAE Remote teaching workshops + SDG workshops
  • Jose Pedro Sousa – NEB Goes South online conferences + BIPs


  • Chamber of Architects Continued Professional Development (Robert Loher)
  • Damir Mance – Architectural Education and Practice in the Digital Age
  • Bojan Baletić – CENTRINNO – Horizon
  • Roberto Vdović – FabLab: Promoting digital literacy

Discussion: Mia Roth Čerina, Roberto Cavallo (moderators), Mar Muñoz Aparici + speakers

Digital Built Environment